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Roborant Energy

Roborant Energy™ is a unique combination of herbs that nutritionally support the body's ability to build and maintain a natural state of health and energy.* "Roborant" means "strength and longevity of the oak," and defines the seven body-vitalizing "Root of Life™" herbs found in Roborant Energy™.*

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Rediscover Your Strength and Vitality!*

Rhodiola rosea is one of the seven "Root of Life™" herbs in Roborant Energy™ used for centuries. It provides a natural plant extract that may increase physical strength and enhance mental stamina while nutritionally supporting the body's ability to combat fatigue and handle stress.* It is one of the most unique plant species in the world with Siberians commonly saying people who consume it live to more than 100 years of age. Little known until 1931, when a Russian botanist discovered the plant root of rhodiola rosea augmented physical strength.*

A.J.’s Roborant Energy™

Nutritionally supports healthy normal function to help:

  •     Restore strength, endurance and vital energy*

  •     Increase mental performance and attention*

  •     Increase work capacity and productivity*

  •     Speed recovery from fatigue and workouts*

  •     Fight depression and emotional stress*

  •     Increase well-being*

Suggested Use: Take two capsules daily for 90 days and then one capsule daily for maintenance thereafter. (May repeat 90-day two capsule program once per year).

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