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Upliftment Formula

Nutritional Support for a Healthy State of Mind*

One in five individuals experiences some type of severe depression in their lifetime. Upliftment Formula is nutritional support for a healthy state of mind.* The main ingredient in this formulation is St. John’s Wort, a traditional herb used for centuries. The minerals magnesium and zinc, along with choline and inositol, further enhance the formula as synergistic nutrients that may provide support for mental and emotional balance.* Upliftment Formula provides excellent support when used during stressful times.* It also is a good magnesium supplement. Enhance this product’s effectiveness with use of one of the ALTRUM Multis.

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NOTE: This product should not be taken with prescription drugs or used by pregnant or lactating women. Consult your health care provider before the use of any dietary supplements during pregnancy and lactation. 

Suggested Use: Two or more tablets daily, preferably with meals, or as recommended by a health care professional. This product is best when used as part of a program that includes ALTRUM Ultra Multis, Ultra Daily Enzymes and Nutritional Oils.


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