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Promote Healthy Memory,* Heart* and Liver*

Lecithin is a natural nutrient needed by every cell in the human body.* It is essential to nutritionally promote cell membrane repair,* maintain optimum mental function* and support lipid (fat) metabolism.* Lecithin’s structure helps protect cells from oxidation damage.* It is rich in phosphatidyl choline, a brain and central nervous system nutrient.*

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Lecithin may help promote healthy cardiovascular system,* liver,* gall bladder* and male reproductive function.* Lecithin also promotes energy* and is an excellent source of choline. It also contains linoleic acid and inositol. 

Superfood Lecithin features 1,200 mg. soya lecithin in gel cap form.

Suggested Use: Take one soft gel three times daily, preferably with a meal. Further enhance this product’s performance with use of Ultra Daily Enzymes and one of the ALTRUM Multis.

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