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Stay Awake' Energy Formula

A.J.'s Super Energy "stay awake" formula primarily contains natural guarana. Guarana has been used in Amazon cultures for centuries and in Europe since the 1700s as a traditional health-promoting herb to support the body as a tonic to help build overall vitality and extra energy.* The other natural ingredients in A.J.'s Super Energy include ginseng, bee pollen, kola nut, cayenne, schizandra and barley grass.

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Super Energy

A.J.'s Super Energy is a natural invigorating formula. It should be used moderately by adults when extra energy is desired, along with one of the ALTRUM Multis, to get the nutrients required for energy production.* Note: this product contains naturally occurring caffeine and should only be taken when extra energy is desired. Not recommended for children under the age of 18 or individuals with serious health concerns.*

Suggested use: Take one or two capsules with water when extra energy is desired. Further enhance and balance this product by using one of the ALTRUM Multis.


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